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Marko D.'s Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Marko D.

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I Know What I Know. [27 Apr 2008|01:30am]
[ mood | Boom. Swagger. Swagger. Boom. ]

+ Intro.

I have no idea why I am updating. Another Religion. Another War. Another Update. Maybe it's because I need to exercise my mind. I mean I can do that by reading a book or being creative with acrylic paint. Or is it I just want to share some pictures with you. Yeah that's it. Enjoy!

+ Pictures & Captions.

Tattooed And Down For Life :

I. Dental Appointment.

Madison feeling the pain. Just another day at Spotlight Tattoo. Weird. I didn't get anything at all.

II. Mustache.

"Stay Clean" is Kyle's favorite Motorhead tune.

III. Trooper.

Adrienne giving herself a breast exam to check for lumps while Bryan works on her side.

No More Gigs :

I. Getting Reatard.

Jay Reatard played a secret show in Echo Park at a bowling alley. It was great. I got a free badge.

II. Words.

SubHumAns is still one of my favorite bands. I have been listening to this band since Jr. High. Seeing them live rules.

III. In The Studio.

So watch out for our EP coming out never. Side A : Quality Dumper. Side B : (I Just Wanna Play My) Rock Guitar.

Dogs Of War :

I. Nutrients.

In order to stay alive, Lauren must feast on little bitches blood.

II. Battle / Bottle.

This photo to me at least should be used on a Rough Kids demo / single / album. Just give me credit and or a t-shirt.

Go Get Drunk It's Party Time :

I. Dance Off / Pants Off.

Lauren showing her funky ass moves to Brittany. Did you know that Brittany was named after the main Chipette? Fact!

II. Call Rhonda.

People being slaves / sheep waiting in line for their drinks. What is this a Concentration Camp? Stop being so 20th Century! It's 2008!

III. Do Drink Don't Think.

Apparently double fisting drinks was so last year! Jenny gets a little help for a triple fist!

IV. Moonshine.

Remember that article Felix Von Havoc wrote about "Race?" That was hilarious! Brenna smuggles her own drink and denounces the Mormon faith.

V. Tall Cans / Thumbs Up.

It's my other cousin Kyle! This is my favorite picture I have taken lately. Why? Just look at it. So relaxed. Thumber in the Bummer.

Cro-Mags! Skin Heads! Hang Out! Now!

I. Veggie Tales.

We'll Have The Straight Edge And They Can Have The Rest. After all these years so many have fallen. Maybe it's just that they didn't give a fuck. Oh well.

II. Past & Present.

It's always nice to see people like Erin around. She don't hang around with the gang no more.

III. iStore.

What we like to do on Sundays, bother Kyle at work. I can't wait for the next Sunday hang out. I think we are going to Chicken Bowl. Delicious!

IV. S.L.U.G.

Marko Ramone and Jonnie Lightning. Look at that bowl hairstyle to be I am growing. A lot of people seem to like it. My Auntie Tina loves it.

V. Great Eats.

Jeff, Kyle and I went out to all you can eat sushi for an hour. Waitress = Bummed Out. We went to work. I think we are going to do this every month. Yum!

Random :

I. Paint!

I picked up a new hobby. Painting my own shirts! I am so much more Punk than you ever will or dream to be!

II. Serious.

If this record can laugh it will probably be laughing at me for purchasing it for $35.00!

+ Outro :

For some reason for the past few months prior to this I wasn't taking pictures. In fact I hated it. Or was it that I hated myself for a few months? But I am re-learning to like it again. Maybe it's because it's not the same camera and I barely hang out and I love sitting at home. But I am always down to do things with people. I just have to be into it and I always try to turn a bad situation to a fun situation no matter where I am at. Fun! Fun! Fun! Till the pigs come around!

Make sure to leave a comment. I like responding to them.

Thank you for your precious time!

- Marko D.

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