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Marko D.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Marko D.

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(Insert Your Name Here) . . . It Was Really Nothing. [01 Aug 2011|12:00pm]
[ mood | Charming ]

I N T R O :

Remember when you spilled Coke all over your blouse?

B R I N G I N ' I T B A C K W A R D S :

07/31/11. Last day with my best friend.

New life motto : Fake it til you make it. - Jenny "In Battle There Is No Law!" Modglin.

07/29/11. Kay Is Okay Birthday.

Krystin, Tommy, Mattie at the monthly screening of The Room at Sunset Five. The meaning of life is Ess Eee Exx.

Kristyn and her happy birthday crew in the streets right outside the Bourgeois Pig.

Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles! I hated this place before. But now it isn't too bad. Dela Cuesta / De La Cuesta Chicken Sandwich.

07/27/11. Cold Cave Live At The Los Angeles Ukrainian Hall. Check them out here : http://coldcave.tumblr.com/ and here : http://www.matadorrecords.com/cold_cave/

07/25/11. Stop This War, Brian Rogers Day.

Bunker War Game is over. Time to fill back the holes we have dug.

Bunker One. The winning bunker. Design wise it's better than the opposite bunker.

Bunker Two. The losing bunker. Design wise the trenches were deeper than the opposite bunker.

Happy Birthday to Brian! Group photo. Sand and ass everywhere! Don't mind us three. Just working on our tans.

07/22/11. Noose Live At R.S.M Haus. Militant Vegan Straight Edge. Check them out here : http://www.itstimetoreact.com/site/bands/noose/

07/21/11. Strife Live At The Cobalt Cafe. Check them out here : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Strife-band-albums/119271161456533#!/Strifelosangeles

Taylor And I Goofing Off. Agnostic Front / Against Me! Split Soon? Yes!

07/22/11. Ice Age Live At Amoeba Records on Sunset Blvd. Check them out here : http://iceagecopenhagen.blogspot.com/

07/17/11. Anna & Andre's Wedding.

Typical Sarah. Double fisting it as much as possible and it's a dry wedding!

Congratulations to Anna & Andre & congratulation to me for eating 3 cupcakes out of that cupcake cake.

Sarah And Charlie dancing in the enchanted forest / woods. There wasn't even any music. Weirdos.

Andre on his knees playing his acoustic guitar and singing for Anna. No, it wasn't 25 Ta Life. Bummer.

Best Man, Mikey giving a speech to Andre about his Snake Skin printed PVC pants that I've ripped a few years ago. Sorry mate!

No, you haven't gone crossed eyed. This really happened. Jenny 1&2. Cierra 1&2. Marko 1&2. Extra Chromosome 1&2.

The Best Man / Mate, Mikey goofing around jumping like he's motherfucking Spider - Man.

First Chance For A Slow Dance.

Edward P. Tyler is an old man. I can't believe Henrique Rollins showed up at the wedding.

Oh hello, Andre. You should pay attention to your wife to be! Silly boy turning around and smiling at us.

07/12/11. Limp Wrist Live At The Echoplex. Putting the "Hard" back in Hardcore!

07/11/11. Viva Loz Feliz Day!

Probably my favorite picture I took for this month. Kyle & Tattoo Bryan in front of Dark Horse Tattoo. Check out the shop here : http://www.facebook.com/#!/DarkHorseTattoo Tell them Marko sent you!

Tattoo Bryan's killer Harley Davidson Motorcycle. What a beauty this machine is!

Kyle's new whip! He's got sweet sponsors! Is Texaco even around anymore. I mean they were around in Back To The Future II when Marty went into the future.

Kyle D. + Sarah B. + Me, Marko D. = The Icons Of Summer. I think we are playing F Y F next year or something. What do we sound like? Poison Idea. You don't like P.I.? I probably hate you.

Kyle giving the skinny goat in front or side of D A N Z I G 's Haunted House. Kyle come into the haunted kitchen.

07/05/11 Michelle's 28th Birthday.

Uncle Tony, Grandma Flo, Michelle, Danny, Auntie Tina & I. Delicious food and great company! Can't ask for anything more!

07/04/11. Fourth Of July. Happy Birthday America!

Watching The Fireworks Extravaganza from my patio. I was watching Monday Night Raw also. Perfect!

Jeff, Kyle & John. These three are my best friends. All ways there when needed. Thanks a lot friends!

And last but not least :

My friend, Shannon drew me! It's like looking into a living snow mirror!

O U T R O :

How is your Summer? Tell me all about it.

Me? Oh, I don't have a job at the moment. Working on my tan. So I'm just enjoying my Summer. Stress free.

Suggestions. Comments. Positive / Negative. This Is For You.

Thanks For Reading And Viewing.

- Marko D.

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No More Dressing Up Please Leave Your Costumes Home. [01 Jul 2011|12:00am]
[ mood | Free ]

I N T R O :

Summer Is In Full Swing ! ! !

M Y C R E W S G O T M Y B A C K :

Mouthpiece @ The Glasshouse. Pomona, Ca. (Featuring Curt Of Chain Of Strength)

Youth Of Today @ The Glasshouse. Pomona, Ca.

Hang Out.

Me! You! Youth! Crew! Well, Not Really. Some Of Us Are Old. Correction Most Of Us Are Old.

Christian Noble Turned Twenty One. You Know What That Means. Beers And Burgers!

Back To The Bay.

Walking Around Embarcadero By Myself. Port Of San Francisco.

Up And Down I Go Exploring On Market Street. On A Quest For Beers.

Ethan And Lauren's Old Street. Don't Forget The Struggle. Don't Forget The (Bush) Street.

Inside The St. Francis Hotel In Union Square. I Had To Pee So Badly And They Have Free Internet.

Classy Professionally Done Nude Photographs That Was In The Rest Room At The BLVD Restaurant.

"Wait . . . I Know That Guy!" x 2. Mike Cheese From The Infamous... GEHENNA! He's the Best! Has A Very Kind Heart! Thanks For Hanging Out & The Records & The Drinks & The Burger & Mostly The Stories!

Kirk Is Clean Now. So We Hung Out And Walked Around The Wharf To Kill Some Time. Kirk And His Submarine From World War Two.

The Images @ Slim's. San Francisco, Ca. (Thanks To John BuzzCocks For Getting J.N.W. & I Into The Show)

The BuzzCocks @ Slim's. San Francisco, Ca.

Hang Out ( I I )

Jasmine, Me, Marko D., Eric & Kirk Standing Around Outside The Show. It's The Buzz, Cocks!

Jesyka Free Styling While Her Roommates Play Music. I Swear No One Sleeps In The Bay. Constant Chilling Out!

Back To L . A .

Hard Times Are Coming Through. But If Your Hard They Won't Get To You. They're Gonna Try To Drive You Into The Ground. But Never Surrender, Never Go Down!

Kyle And Jeff Eating Some Tasty Salad At Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. Jeff Recently Turned Thirty.

Happy Birthday Crew! Jeff Has Been My Friend For The Longest Time. He Is The Best. Glad People Could Make It To Celebrate With Him.

(Paul) Weller Court! I Wish It Was Called That. I Love Paul Weller. I Love The Jam. I Love The Style Council. The Los Angeles Skyline.

Still My Favorite Building In Downtown Los Angeles. I Still Need To Take The Tour To The Top Of It.

Birthday For Roger @ Danger Haus Rotten.

The Sunlight Assisted This Image I've Captured Of Roger. He Bleached His Hair Blond And Got A Guido Orange Tan For His New D L Card.

Billy Is Covering His Eyes Thinking That Roger Is Gonna Show Him In The Face. Boy Was He Wrong! Shot Through The Crotch And You're To Blame Darling, You Give Love A Bad Name. Bone Pwned.

Birthday For The Pearsons @ Ruby's Dinner.

Bethany And I Dressed For The Sock Hop. I Didn't Know Dressing From The Nifty Fifties Was So Difficult. I'm Not A Nerd. I'm A Jock That's Too Cool For Sports!

Burger For The Boys And Brenna. We Show No Teeth At All. All The Arms We Need.

Bethany Was An Asian Baby. Peace Signs. Wait, Wasn't This The "Victory" Symbol In The Late 40's And 50's?

Group Photo Timer Style. Everyone Looked Really Good. Great Job Everyone! Oh I'm Not Really Sitting On A Chair. Just Squatting. Strong Legs.

You Have To Get The Whole Outfit! It's Gotta Have My Shoes In It! - Bethany.

Birthday For Kyle Part One @ A & W Seafood & B B Q Restaurant.

*People Start Singing* "No! No! No! I Sing! Not You!" - Waitress.

Kyle Turned Twenty Two Years Old. He's Catching Up With The Rest Of Us Old Men. Well, Not Really.

Birthday For Britini & Sara @ Tipsy Goat.

Sara Getting It Started. Everybody Get Tipsy. Well, Just Her So Far.

Oh Marcy & Joey I Like The Way You Two Are Posing. Let Me Take A Photo Of You Two. Aw.

Sara & Britini. It's Their Birthdays. I Don't Know How Surprise They Were Though.

The Birthday Ladies And Some Friends. Smiles For Miles And Miles! Oh Jeanette As Spagett! Link :

Birthday For Kyle Part Two @ The Sunset Five (The Room 8th Anniversary)

The T - Man Handing Out High Fives Like It's Going Out Of Style.

Group Photo With The Star Of The Show. Bunch Of Randoms In The Photo. See If You Can Name All Our Friends.

No Time For A Self Timer Photo! The Line Is Moving And It Looks Like We Are Running A Marathon. Running From Thieves! While I Do It's Clobberin' Time!

The T - Man And Cynthia For A Photo Op. I Like How The T - Man Is Dressed Like Johnny Rotten. Tommy Rotten.

Bonnie Sheppard @ Hillbilly Hip.

The Valley On The Other Side. It's A Long Way Back From Hell.

Critical Mass Paranoia. (Not Really. Five People Isn't A Mass.)

We Got Called Hipsters. Awesome. Well, Not Really. Shot Gunning PBR Is A Specialty Of Mine. Not. Hipsters Is Hippies.

From The Back. Riding Along The Simi Valley Bike Trail.

From The Front. Riding Along The Simi Valley Bike Trail.

And Now A Bl'ast From The Past!

I Believe This Was 2003? At Pat's Warehouse? Thanks To Shannon For This Gem. Crucial Edge Break Wings Haircut! Mark(o) McCoy.

O U T R O :

Suggestions. Comments. Positive / Negative. This Is For You.

Thanks For Reading And Viewing.

- Marko D.

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Q : How Is The Drug Industry? A : Slow. But It's All Right. Broke But Stoked On Life. [04 Jun 2011|10:30pm]
[ mood | Happy Till The End Of Time. ]

I N T R O :

Oh Hello Summer ! ! !

U N I T E D B L O O D :

The Scene I Loved Doesn't Love Me Back. What can I Do? Life's Hard So I've Got To Be Hard Too.

Wet Reckless Last Show With Lauren And Ryan. What A Mistake Kicking Those Two Out.

Don Juan Y Los Blancos Bedroom Show At The Sticky House. Wrestlemania On The Bed.

Me ! You ! Bowling! Crew! Bowling ! Crew ! Sick ! Of ! You !

Totem Pole / Straight Butt Hole. Billy Just Gets It. If You Don't It's Your Lost!

F F Stands For Filipino Front. Representing Penelope's Vintage.

Fashion Show! Fashion Show! From Dusk Till The Break Of Dawn!

XfurnX is a kind person. It's Just Too Bad He Likes Over My Dead Body. You've Got To Be Fucking Kidding Me!

Will you take the pain. I will give to you. Again and again. And will you return it.

Amanda Moved Away. She Gave Me Free Haircuts. Her Lips Are Chapped.

Jeff And Kyle Are Key Chain Couples. Ally B. Is The Best!

What Is This? Couples Corner? The Hale Sisters And Their Boyfriends. Woo-ooo-ooo! - Ric Flair.

Okay, This Wins! Hands Down Couple Of The Year! Blue Walls / Blue Balls.

The Kayaks Live At Mr. T's Bowl. I Like That Song About A Kitchen. Why? I Like Food.

The Terns Live At The Cavern Club. Ha. You Wish! Lemmy Saw The Beatles During Those Years. Lemmy rules!

Vintage Wheels. Anyone Selling A Volkswagen Bug? 1967 Is The Year I Want. Must Complete My Axis Powers.

The Treacherous Three Aren't Just A Hip - Hop Group They Are Also My Friends.

Weird. John And I were Adventuring In Downtown Los Angeles And He Ended Up In TRON Land.

We Were Too Lazy To Walk. So We Took Angels Flight To Get Back On The Main Street. Enjoy The Silence.

Band Of Babes : Babe City On Riot City Records. Our EP Is Coming Out Two Thousand Never.

Rough Kids Are A Great Band! I Just Wonder Why They Don't Have A Following. Oh Yeah, People Like Shitty Music. D - uh!

Neo Cons Ripped It Up! Total Utter Bastard Chaos! That Should Be There Next Release Title.

Neighborhood Brats Have Some Good Looking Ladies That Rule! George & Kirk Are Hawt Also.

Oh Jenn. You And Your Crazy Double Fisting Ways. Sunday Is Made For Beers And Baseball.

Oh Hi Kate And Scott. Let's Get Some Veggie Dogs That Are Decent. Nah, I'll Toss A Salad Meaning A Hog Anus.

Jenny And Jenn! College Chums. Beer Buddies. Best Buddies. Birthday Buddies. Room Mates. Scissor Sisters?

I Love The Los Angeles Dodger Stadium. I Just Hate How Expensive Everything Is. Should Have Brought My Own Snacks And Drinks.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Won! Scored Two Runs At The End Of The Ninth Inning! Amazing!

Hannah And Jessie Have A New Folk Group Called Bonnie Sheppard. You Should Definitely Check Them Out! This Hippie Jam Is Gonna Smoke Out The House Down.

Brenna / Jason / John Invading Hipster Capital (Echo Park.) Remember When Hipsters Were Known As Cleavers? No? I Must Really Be That Old.

SubHumAns Live At The Echo. Saw Them Three Times Over The Span Of Ten Years And To Me They Are Still On Top Of Their Punk Game.

Amanda's Last Bowling Night. Sending Her Off To Her New Life In Kansas City, MO. Boo!

'66 Harley Davidson Sportster XLCH / '71 Honda CB500. J & M Best Friends Since Summer Of '98.

One. Two. Twins! I Like Twins. I Prefer Twins. Twins Night At The Bowling Alley.

And Then The Nerd In The Middle Ruined Our Fun And Decided To Dress Like Us. Triple Threat!

Seriously Such A Sick Motorcycle! It's So Sick That It's Straight Up Ssstttuuupppiiiddd.

The Last Fade. Thanks For The Free Haircuts Amanda! You Made Me Look So Handsome That I Had To Take My Shirt Off. Look At That Moose Knuckle.

It's A Birthday Dinner For My Cousin Christian. Not In The Photo, Christian.

Steve Became A Father. Can You Believe That? No Way! Steve? A Father? It's True! The Guy In The Back Brought Crack.

Chanelle & Christian's Going Away Party. They Went To Europe. How Fun! Pac-Man Won The Boxing Match.

I Can't Believe Rachel Has Never Been To The Mercado On Tapo St. This Is The Best Place For Delicious Mexican Food!

Rachel's Bowling Night. Got A Group Together For A Monday Night Bowling Session. Cheap Hot Dogs & Cheap Sodas! The Hand That Flattens My Hair. Oh This Is The Thing That Kills Me.

I Didn't Feel A Thing, Another Breakfast With You. Did You Ever Fall In Love? For A Quarter Of An Hour Or Above?

Our Long Lost Sister, Natalie! We Went To The Filipinos For Cold Cave Event At Space Fifteen Twenty.

Cold Cave : Cherish The Light Years Is A Great Jam! If You Don't Have It Buy It!

Danny Is Friends With This Lady In The Pink Corvette. She's A Hollywood Staple.

Jenny / Jenn Sandwiches! Chicken Sandwich?

My Brown (Town) Friends. Did You Know That There Are Two Richard Ramos In Our Group Of Friends?

I Forgot What This Group Was Called. But They Were Entertaining. Lightning Swords Of Death? Maybe?

Saviours Ruled! I Like Them A Lot. If You Like Black Sabbath You'll Love Saviours!

Total Fukkin' Midnight! They Ripped It Up! Seriously so good! And The Guitarist Is Wearing CONS EVO! WTF?

The Old Firm Casual First Southern California Appearance. Let Me Tell You, They Did Not Disappoint!

Sheer Terror! Paul Bearer Had A Lot Of Great One Liners. Zings Left And Right.

Aah ... I know you love one person so Why don't you love two, love? Oh, love to ... Give a little something Give a little something To My Love Life To My Love Life My Love Life Oh ...

Tommy Wiseau! He Is Such A Cool Guy! My Favorite Line From The Room? "In A Minute Bitch."

Short Range Football Tosses Seriously Is Kristyn And Tommy's Favorite Sport.

You Guys Should Do Something Crazy Like This. - Tommy Wiseau. Short Range Football Tosses Champions!

Life is timeless, days are long when you're young. You used to fall in love with everyone. Any guitar and any bass drum.

"That Face I Made Pretty Much Sums Up Our Friendship." - Kristyn.

The Best Of Both Words. Nike Air Jordan IV Meets Nike Air Jordan III. True Blues. Crucial Times!

Kyle Smoking A Fag & Being A Bad Ass At The Bad Ass Coffee Shop. If You Aren't A Bad Ass You Aren't Welcome Here.

Kyle Is So Ahead In Time That He All Ready Has The iPhone V. I Believe It's Made With The Same Material They Made The T-1000 With.

Fremont Crew! Downtown Las Vegas Is So Much Better Than The Strip. It's So Punx. My Best Friends!

I Was So Happy That We Went To Go See Where Chumlee Lives. But He Wasn't Home. Probably Looking For Bob Dylan.

The Crew (Missing Brian & Kenita) In Front Of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Handsome Tagori Was Also There! The Straight Edge Is Strong With This One.

Descendents! Thank You So Much To My Great Buddy, Carl For The Free Tickets! Thought This Day Would Never Come! Good Good Things!

The Day Has Arrived! "Little" Kyle Is Straight Up Gambling! Not So Little Anymore. He Won Money Also.

We Ran Into The Next Big Pop Star, Natalie Nylon! I Can't Wait For The World Tour. Backstage Free Candy & UNITY Rings!

I All Ways Love It Here. The Bellagio. With Their Floral & Plant Arrangements. Let Freedom Ring / Reign!

I've seen miracles all around me, stop and look around its all astounding, water, fire air and dirt, fucking magnets, how do they work? I don't want to talk to a scientist, y'all.

No Way! We Ran Into Jeffson Statham! I Loved Him In SNATCH. That Movie Ruled! Oh Yeah, Don't Mind The Purse.

For Those About To Rock. Jenny & Her Guitar Full Of Delicious Drank. 88 oz. Full Of Rockin' Liquor!

If You Watch WWE RAW You Know What This Place Is. It's Special To Me. Triple H & Stephanie Got Married Here! Wait . . . The Michael Jordan Got Married Here? Dang!

I Did An American Apparel Advert Also While In Las Vegas. It's Called "This Charming Fag" Summer Campaign.

Kenita & Brian Finally Joined Us! The Best Of Times With The Best Of Friends! I Love Everyone In This Group!

Life is a drink and you get drunk when you're young. Life is new and there's things to be done.

The Best Part About This Photo? We All Love War Zone! But Who Doesn't? Where's The War Zone Women At?

"This Song Is Off Of Our First Album Called Victim In Pain. This Is Called Victim In Pain!"

The Only Time I Saw Danny The Whole Trip. Being On Top Of People During Agnostic Front's Set.

Roger Miret Shaking Hands With The Fans After Their Blazing Set. For Me Personally Agnostic Front Ruled P R B.

Puts A New Meaning To Victim In Pain. Blood For The Blood Gods. Kyle Provided It. A Can Of Fosters To The Noggin.

Cock Sparrer! They Played Really Well. Can You Believe Their Newest Member Joined The Group 20 Years Ago?

Oh Hi Richie! Richie Is On His Way To A Healthy Life. So Proud Of Him. Drugs & Booze Is The Sure Way To Lose!

Oh My God! Is That Natalie Nylon? No Way! Her Record Is Being Mixed At The Moment. World Tour! Oh Hi Sanna! Nice To Meet You Also!

The Best Part Of The Hotel We Stayed At! Shark Tank / Shark Slide! Simply Amazing!

What's this? After Years Of Not Being In Contact I Ran Into Yvonne Who Goes By Vonnie Now. Brother & Sisterhood! One Family!

O U T R O :

I Keep On Holding. I Keep On Hoping. I Keep On Holding. I Keep On Holding.

Suggestions. Comments. Positive / Negative. This Is For You.

Thanks For Viewing.

See You In A Few Months.

- Marko D.

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Diving Fist Drop ! ! ! [31 Jan 2011|11:40pm]
[ mood | Piledriver ! ! ! ]

Intro :

Side X : " Hey Can We Play More Than 2 Songs? "

A Statement / A Belief :


Sit down! Shut up! Do what you are told or there is going to be a problem!


Brian should have had that "DAT ASS" face. I like the hair style of Jess. Very Samhain.


Ethan made himself a Gimp Mask. What's that you ask? It's this : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bondage_hood


The Artist Formerly known as Miss Lauren Michael Seuberling is now Misses Lauren Michael Seuberling Shapiro.


St. X-Tina saving all that are Straight Edge that sat at our table by drinking all our white wine. Too bad there weren't any shrimp!


You paint your leather jacket but it comes off in the rain. The more you cut your hair the more it grows again.


Vinh said "You look so bad ass right now!" T-800 asked "Why do you cry?" This has to be used on a flyer! Pronto!


Cousin Bianca (stuck in the middle) turned 21 years old! More white wine! S S S H H H R R R I I I M M M P P P !


A wise man once said "I'm looking around and I don't like what I see! Corruption and fagots all around me!"


F R U I T P U N C H : F A S T T I M E S A T T H E Y O G U R T L A N D S H O R E


Ended up at Sanrio (means Three Rivers) Land. I had some good nachos with jalapeños.


Ain't no thing but lots and lots of chicken wings! Spicy!


Joe and I photo bombing this photo. Success! This was poached from S L N T N G H T.


Family Holiday Party! White Elephant Gift Exchange is the best part of the celebration. Oh no wait! It's the mass amounts of food is the best part!


Billy had a birthday. He turned Twenty Seven. Laser or Lazer Tag was played. Our team blew.


Jay getting ye olde reach around from Billy. I believe the rusty trombone came next. Not really sure.


Wet Reckless killed it! They are releasing an extended play soon and are playing a few shows this upcoming month! Check them out!


Twins. 2 Twins. Twins. I Prefer Twins. Hot Date Two Twins. One, Two, Twins. Yuuhh.


Beautiful January Day! Eating some delicious food out of Roach Coaches. Look at those palm trees and the that luminous blue sky! Southern California is the best!


Riffage Pants Karl Malone taking flight by flapping his ears. The result? Unsuccessful.


A late celebration for my day of birth. Astro (Zombies) Burger with close friends. A few are missing. But I really do love them.

Outro :

Side X X : " No Is Your Answer. "

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Let me think. Let me think. What can I do? [30 Sep 2010|12:00am]
[ mood | Can't Complain. ]

I N T R O :

Good bye Summer!

P H O T O S & C A P T I O N S :


Something From Nothing Art Show by Paul. Lots of interesting prints. I wanted a few but I have no money.


Lauren having a salad. You don't make friends with salad! Her vest is very punx!


Images are a good group. They opened for BuzzCocks a few months ago and a few years ago. Check them out.


La Corde was a surprise. They ruled! I don't know how many releases they have. But the EP rips!


A revamped Rough Kids. Two new members consisting of (Pope) John (&) Paul. They sounded tight.


My pal Michelle and I taking a picture break. She's really nice. Thanks for the dollar! North Hollywood Crew!


Lauren and Christina practicing their poses for Lauren's upcoming wedding. Everyone needs to practice!


Tagori rules! He's from Brazil. He is a swell fella. I wonder if he is still in the country? Are you?


Billy looking like a bully with his big buff arms. Brian as Brian Austin Green.


Roger as a golf preppy and Jess' return of being a babe! Welcome back to your throne!


Enjoying the last days of Summer. Well, not really. Since we have been having a heat wave lately.


Pat and Liz came to visit. Congratulations to them. A little Chapman is on the way!


Oh strange! Hannah and I dressed alike one night without even planning it.


Disneyland with the boys! And Jess. She went to get us our passes for W.O.C.


This goat was standing on a barrel a few feet up. He looks like an old Kung-Fu master man.


Jess and her pet goat. This goat was very anti-social. Away from the numbers he was.


Making friends where ever I'm at. This girl I'm high fiving was doubting my glasses are prescription. Should have asked her to prom.


World Of Color! If you have a Season Pass definitely check this show out. It is amazing!


Roger enjoying his bowl of pasta while Jess adores him. They said that the pasta was spicy.


Katie turned twenty something. That cake was delicious! Too bad everyone was so full from the food.


Group photo! Roger will put a knife right in you! I'm warning you! I love this restaurant!


I hate you so much right now, Zooey Dechanel!


Brian as his counterpart, The Party Constable. He's like Party Boy part I I.


Danger Friends U S A playing the best venue there is! The Cobalt Cafe! Yay!


Ink And Dagger at the 6th Street Warehouse. They ruled! I saw them 11 years ago. Nuts! The Shadow! The Shadow! The Shadow!


Freestyle Fridays provided by Joey Zoey. This was during the Changing Of The Jo(h)ns Party.


As usual just flexing for the masses. Whoa! It's Kymby! That was very random! Bye Kymby!


My neck got lost in space on Space Mountain. But check out those sweet guns. Yeah-ow! This is the last ride for awhile. Anthony's favorite salad dressing is Neverland Ranch.


Making more new friends! Don't worry old friends I still love all of you! The tree is the focal point of this photo.


Lolo Nanoy and the grandchildren (some are missing i.e. The Farmer Clan.) It's the 3rd Anniversary since Lola Maurita's passing. God Bless that wonderful woman!


Getting a letter/post card from abroad. I love it! Thanks Erin! You are the best! You make my heart go dum dum ditty boom boom.

O U T R O :

Hello Autumn!

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But I don't care anymore / I've lost the will to want more [31 Aug 2010|09:00pm]
[ mood | Tears & Sadness For You ]

I N T R O B U S T :

Hit it and quit it!

B O D I E S :

I . S H O W S !

Sean Shan is the best group right now. Oh wait, Negative Approach is still around. Have you heard "Evacuate?"

J.H.R.D.F.U.S.(b)A.(s)(s) : Bringin' It Down.(J U D G E font) So hard that he had to drop the "g."

Overnight Lows rules! Check them out! They have a full length on Goner Records. The drummer is a one man wolfpack.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones! This was an excellent show. I just love skankin' to the rhythm and dancin' to the beat!

Band Of Babes i.e. Big Blonde was so magical that they hired the cover of Unknown Pleasures for their debut. So dreamy.

I I . R A N D U M B S !

Zero Six One Eight Zero One. Is that the new Three One G? Or Seven One Seven.

Rob is Through Being Cool like Saves The Day that's why he cut his luscious ponytail. He's all souled out.

D.F.U.S.A. molesting this young girl. She deserved every bit of it for being Stephanie K's Doppelganger. D.F.U.S.A. getting their homo on!

Brian and James are Dressed To Kill. Ain't it just like K I S S ? Oh God. Shut up Jerry Only!

Marc was brave enough to put the "banana peel" slip and fall to the test. The verdict? It kind of works.

Marc and I went to El Mercado and he found these. Very fitting. But you can't really play drums on these. Tacos for all!

James might not look the part of a "punk." But his attitude toward drinking is very punk! Mas cervezas!

Jenny found a new friend. I forgot what his name was. Otto? I don't know? But it sat by a lady that looked like Alexa Chung. Boing!

Lauren is suppose to be on a diet because her big day is coming up but she just couldn't resist to eat another person.

Kyle giving the big thumbs down for our matching tattoos. harDCore of the punks. Loyal to none! Flex Your Head!

Valerie trying to teach me how to juggle. I think if I learn how to juggle does that make me a "Juggalo?"

Veggie Delight with friends! Also a big congratulations to Damion and Jenn! Baby Y A N K Z I G is on the way!

Santa Monica Green. People getting along. Which is very nice. So relaxed. But it's unfortunate that World peace can't be done. It just can't exist. World peace can't be done. Anarchy's a mess.

You're the one for me, fatty, You're the one I really, really love. And I will stay, Promise you'll say if I'm ever in your way. Ah-hey.

David turned old? Another birthday? All I have to say about this is " K A W W I T I T N O W ! ! ! "

I I I . W H I T E R A B B I T T R U C K !

Brittany! I need your help suing these people since they have taken my image without my permission!

Brittany! I don't want any money if we win this lawsuit. They can just be my personal cooks. Their food rules all!

Kyle holding it down. First in line means first ones to eat! I understood some Tagalog and was translating it to Kyle.

This Scion is just ridiculous! If Hulk Hogan/Chuck Norris/Kenny Powers combine together this is probably their team car if they can fit in it. Oh yeah, American Bad Ass Era Undertaker.

I V . G O O D B Y E N A T A L I E !

Babe City Population Not Me! Unfair! I really wanna cut my hair like Kelli. Natalie is leaving us to go back to her home base of The East. Five Years!

Natalie And The Boys are going on a World Tour! Unity Rings for all! And plenty of backstage food! Check out her myspace music page. Natalie Nylon 2 k 11 !

The best host ever! Jillian rules! Hey babe your hair is all right. I like her Morrissey poster in her room. I love Dr. Pepper! I'm a Pepper!

Jillian can out mosh anyone. Here she is dancing to WarZone : Dance Hard Or Die! Didn't even spill her drink! What a bad ass.

Your nights are a season at my command. Human pony girl, heeyah. This is my highway, no limit enforced. There is no law, just Feel my spur sink in your flank. Feel it, feel it, pony.

Then she told us to leave. So this ends our night. Thank you for the cake and the drinks!

V . M E D I E V A L ( H A R D ) T I M E S !

Melissa busy being a gracious host handing out tickets to everyone. Taking care of business. Business as usual.

The Green Knight was such a dick and was very defiant because he was the champion. "Metallica Sucks!" - Adam.

Walk in silence. Don't walk away, in silence. See the danger. Always danger. Endless talking. Life rebuilding. Don't walk away.

The Red and Black Knight preparing to go into battle with The Red Knight. Our knight looked bad ass!

In Battle There Is No Laws! Go Red and Black Knight! Lock up your children the AxeMan is coming! He's here! Slaughter!

The Final Bloodbath. This was the end of the show. I think the Ska knight won? I don't really remember. I was too busy eating sweets.

The King and Queen of the evening! Mr. & Mrs. Huber! Bryan turned 30! Welcome to the dirty 30 club!

After the show group photo! "What an interesting group!" - Cameraman. "White Power?" - Some Random Town Drunk.

The official photo that they took before we entered the arena. I really like this photo. It seems like it's few and far between when we get this group together! Thanks a lot friends!

O U T R O :

August can blow me like the wind!

Leave a comment. + / - (please identify yourself)

Thanks for reading / viewing.

- Marko.

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No Holding Back The Summer Night I Got A Feeling It's Just A Dirty Black Summer. [30 Jul 2010|12:00am]
[ mood | Triple Times The Strength ]

I N T R O :

Well, I am trying not to lose my thoughts and feelings. For the past week or so I am not thinking straight, go! My torn up body has been unkind. Now I'm shredded like my distorted mind. So I looked what I had in my iPhoto for some therapy and I have found plenty of photos to use for this entry. Amazing that another month has gone by! Next thing we know it the Summer season would be over. I for one cannot wait for this season to be over. I know that you're sick and tired of my whining, complaining, bitching and moaning on to more viewing! Enjoy!

B O D I E S :

I. Adventure(s) With Danger Friends U.S.A.

Mr. Richardson powers the screen with the heads stock of his bass. Shadow puppets.

Mr. Thornton on the keys. I believe he needs to invest on a keyboard necktie.

Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Rogers outside of The Airliner.

Mr. Rogers giving orders on how to set up the equipment.

You know, just tickling the ivory.

Mr. Crossland and Mr. Richardson making sure the levels are up to par.

Brooke and her lovely drunk blue eyes purchasing the best beer, Pabst Genuine Draft.

Shot gunning some cold ones dedicated to Stone Cold Steve Austin before the big debut.

Q.F.T.F.T. = Quoted For The Fucking Truth.

Even Lady Liberty made time to hang out with the Danger Friends. Much respect!

I I . Fourth Of July.

If Roger drank this is what it would look like if he projected vomit.

Sexy Ethan! Yes, all of that water spraying is from Rogers mouth. Spew!

Swimming and drinking. This is America, bro. Do what you want!

Fourth Of July Swim Team Group Photo! Self timer. We have ten seconds.

Water level is decreasing. Must fill it up with bodies that it will rise. Not a chance.

Off to the Wild West for some Beer Pong and Hula Hoops.

Larry needs to start wearing a ten gallon hat when he throws one of his epic parties.

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me. These Charming Fags. Jenkins, it was really nothing. The Smiths New Record Cover 2000 Never.

Nick and Liz thinking that the Fourth Of July is the best holiday ever! They are right!

Hannah pretending to be me since I love flexing and what not. DANZIG I : S/T. She Rides.

Natalie and Lauren in their cute Fourth Of July outfits. Red, white and babes!

Hannah and Jessie helping themselves with some delicious treats that the Azarva compound had to offer.

Josh celebrating the birthday of America by exercising his rights to bear arms.

For some reason this looks like a magazine advert. Kyle and Kristyn Small Puppy/Dog Emporium.

There's no justice, there's just us. Blind justice screwed all of us. There's no justice, there's just us. We need justice for all of us.

I I I . Roofie & The Nightstalker / Wet Reckless.

*image missing* Out of respect and privacy I had to delete all R & T N photos that I had. So here is their set list instead.

Becky asked me to prom. King & Queen. Anyway, Anarkko Markko Is Punx & Becky Blanx is gonna fuck you up!

Part of the crowd or most of the crowd at the show that night. The place is a small store front. It ruled! I hate you, Todd Tyler.

Wet Reckless did not do a Judge cover that night. It's okay though they did something else.

Ryan San Martin taking a break before busting into a Skrewdriver cover! Closet fans sang along. Racist!

To finish the night James & I shared a bacon wrapped hot dog. Nothing gay about it. I saw you in a mag kissing a wiener.

I V . Intermission.

Basketball Wednesdays! John A. with a nice looking fade away shot.

From behind the arch! John A. is on fire! NBA Jam is the jam!

Lunch time at Ikea Food Court. Thumbs up for the food! Thumbs down for the sale.

Oh weird, it seems like I have got my toast toasted and I hate toast!

Mugger! What's the matter? Yeah, I know getting old blows. I feel your pain!

Body massage machine go! From one Jon to another John. A sweet treat of a birthday present.

Oh how awkward it is to wear the same shirt on the same day and the same night. Twins!

Meanwhile, caught in the eye of a blizzard of flames, in order to survive, the alpha denim recruits were forced to strip down to their...SCANDINAVIAN LEATHER

Last Summer of unmarried life. Best of luck with the rest of your lives!

Mega close up! Showing their wide smiles and a mouth full of pearly whites!

Nunca Otra Vez! Never Again! I believe that is when Discharge change the sound of Punk. This is 1 out of 2. Damn, look at that rock on Lauren's finger!

Brian and Lauren discussing a possible Brosky's Revolt reunion. 2011, maybe? California Style Circle pit!

I V . Luke And Danny's House Warming B B Q.

Peanut! He's on the way to play with other dogs! He's so precious! What a ham! Mmmmm . . . Ham.

Waiting for the meat. Using the buns as hand warmers. Or hand coolers since it was warm that day.

Girl Talk! The two dudes on the right hand corner, we weren't sure if they liked dick so I tried to hit on them. They are very good looking guys.

Inside the Gays Liar. Jon A. left and he said his butt hole hurt. I wonder why? Thumbers In The Bummer, perhaps?

Summer Two Thousand Ten is now known as The Summer Of The Ultimate Babes. Peanut is the best! I title this "Thieves Like Us."

V. Don Juan Y Los Blancos.

Becky can sport white cowboy boots like Lemmy can. I approve of this. Have you heard the intro to Iron Fist? Yeah, you're punching faces.

Oh how I wish they were playing "Iron Fist" by Motorhead. But they did do a great job of playing "Astro Zombies!"

V I . Kay Bee Turns 30.

Before or after the couch dive incident. I don't really remember? Fun times? Yes. Andre and his sweet chest hair.

Max and Drew. What the Hell is happening? I can't think of everything.

The Birthday Girl! Double Boo Yah Fisting Drinking Champion Summer 2010! Wasted Again.

V I I . Micklepalooza.

Danger Friends U.S.A. set was very exhausting so Mr. Thornton relaxes on a banana hammock.

Kevin shows the latest and the greatest in accessories in carrying his beer. Available in Fall '10.

The man of the night, Mickle. He is off to Seattle, Wa. I wonder why he wasn't wearing flannel this night?

Christian blowing it. The only thing I can think of during this was "Someday I Suppose."

Kayaks doing their best to keep the crowd moving and grooving.

If Sid Vicious was alive today he'd probably kill himself again. Same goes with Darby Crash.

It's a celebration! Josh P. saying "No more photographs!" My respond? "Coke Zero? Flip, please!"

Chuck Biscuits is a God & all but he has nothing on Hannah Biscuits. D A N Z I G I I : L U C I F U G E. Killer Wolf.

I ask all who have gathered here. To join me in this feast. May we always be strong in body. Spirit. And mind. And to all those. Who would try. To harm us. Let them be cast. Aside. D A N Z I G I I I : H O W T H E G O D S (C A R R S) K I L L.

O U T R O :

Thank you to everyone that participated and letting me take your photo without hesitation! Friends? Yes, they are the best! And also breast! Those are great also!

"I like you. You like me. I like you. You like someone else. Relationshit. It's going great. It's going great. It's going great. It's gone to shit. Relationshit."

"I'm All Yours . . . " What a difference a week can make. Well, that's what happened. She followed her heart and made up her mind and chose another person. I can't blame her. I'm happy for her. She's an amazing person. I'm lucky that I got to know her to a level where I opened up a whole lot. I've got really comfortable. I want to thank her for making me feel and making me smile. Who knew I had feelings? Feelings are for girls! Who the fuck wants to be happy? Boring! It just grinds my gears that I had to cancel all the fun plans we had. Who knows, maybe next lifetime we'll be together. I'm a horrible person when I am miserable. I don't deserve any better. Nothing is going to work for me. But that's life. Deal with it. Facades of happiness but inside I'm dying. All that really matters is I'm tired of crying. "Boo-fucking-Hoo."

I want to thank my friends that actually reached out to me that were very concerned that I was writing cryptic messages. You've prevented me from going from zero to suicidal. I know that I am going to be all right. The sun is shining. I'm six feet over ground. I've got my health. I've got my friends. Like Tattoo Bryan said "But you're Mr. Fun and every ones common friend." My bills are paid. I don't owe anyone money. I'm not hungry. Like Sergio said "Marko's going to be all right." and listen to Sergio, he owns ten, no wait eleven Koo Koo Roo Restaurants. I still look good and or great! See :

Please leave a comment. Positive or negative. This isn't an easy task. A lot of heart went into this! Just for you and you and you!

x x o o

- Marko.

PS Oh by the way, you know when I said I have the best friends in God's Green Earth? I wasn't lying! Jeff and Bryan got this for me at The San Diego Comic Con this past weekend! Those two all ways make me smile! Thank you so much! I love the KING and he loves "puppies!"

"to my pal Marko "KING" Jerry Lawler WWE HOF 07 AWA CHAMP 1988" Enough said.

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Don't Worry Baby. [14 Jul 2010|11:00pm]

Happy Birthday to a very special lady. Thank you for being you! "To Walk The Night 2k10" Is upon us! xx oo. *edit "To Walk The Night 2k10" has been canceled.
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Embrace The Night Air Summers' End Heaven Sent . . . [30 Jun 2010|11:50pm]
[ mood | I know - IT'S SERIOUS ]

I N T R O :

It looks like I am back in the swing of things. Re-learning how to take photos and it shows! But most importantly cherishing the people around me. Summer has started and lately it's nothing but crucial times! Feels like I haven't had a day off. But we are only here for a short period of time. We might as well enjoy and live life. Are you ready for this?

T H I S I S O U R T I M E :

I. Shows.

N A I L S at the Cobalt Cafe. I believe there were 10 people there. TxJ = Hardcore.

Jon Carr hitting the skins at The Azarva Ghost Town.

BuzzCocks at Club Nokia. For how old they are they ripped it up! Take note. The best Punk band.

Knife Fight at Chain Reaction. Westbrook is a puzzled panther.

D A N Z I G at Club Nokia. Being on the same stage watching your childhood hero while eating sandwiches and drinking sodas = heaven.

II . Memorial Day.

Jeff, Jared and Chris. These three have known each other forever. So jealous of that shirt Jeff is wearing.

Playing H O R S E. Brenna for the three! And it's good! K O B E!

The Azarva Western Saloon. Kinda like a Western Movie Set with modern appliances.

So can anyone tell me when Jess became a Deschanel? Jezzooey Deschanel. Off your tongue/into your heart.

III. Stee's Epic Disneyland Birthday.

Skipping church gets a two thumbs up! This was a fun carpool. Team Pledge Of Allegiance! Except for Val. I think she's French. I wish her name was Annik.

Busting loose at Toontown! "Brian! No gay sh*t!" - J.A. More to cum.

We met Mickey Mouse! Look how stoked he is! I don't dream about anyone except myself.

*side note : these are going to be the group photos*

Brian did not take J.A.'s advice and guess what happened? More gaying off! Whoa! Jess is nude!

They carpooled to Toontown in that tiny cartoon automobile. Kinda like those clowns in a tiny VW bug.

Stee and Davith finally came out of their love nest to join the fun! What does my pose remind you of? Kill Uncle!

Wondering who are Straight Edge in this photo? It's 2010 and yeah Straight Edge still exist! Mind blown!

Fish faces and pull ups goes fins and arms. Merman! Merman! We are a bunch of fat asses!

Hannah and I were having a super pose off. I won the Sassiest Boy Of America award that year. Thanks Sassy Magazine! "You've dethroned Ian Svenonius" - Jenny A.

Are Nicole and Stee sisters? I am so glad that this wasn't such a sausage fest! A lot of good looking ladies to look at. Thanks California!

In line for the best ride ever! Sam cops a feel on Val while I cop a feel on Roger. The best is yet to come!

People don't realize that Tower Of Terror drops really fast! It was so fast that it ripped my t-shirt right off! Sorry for ruining your birthday, Stee!

Stee and Davith went back to their love nest to make babies so we took one last group photo with props before we called it a night.

IV. Dark Horse Tattoo Shop Grand Opening Party.

Attendants of the party wanted the schlong part of the horse cake to eat. The gays came out that night.

Mr. Marks providing the drinks and the tunes that night. I drank a lot of soda.

It's Des and Gibby! Those aren't their real names! But congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Miller! Newly Weds!

It's Brittany! Congratulations to her for graduating from Harvard Law School! You need a lawyer? Hire this babe!

Hello Scott and hello Kathryn. They are probably drinking Edge Juice like I am. Or water.

Outside of the shop. The party was packed so it spilled outside. Wait, do I spot a Flux Of Pink Indian backpatch?

The last known photo of Corey before he went to the land down under. Julie does not post for pictures.

Oh guess what? My polo is coming off. I am going to take you to titty heaven. Touch it/Feel it.

V. The Chronicles Of M.E.

Robert and Bethany's precious child enjoying the sun and the park on Memorial Day.

This Charming Man (Will Never Marry) and M.E. at her blessing.

Robert and Bethany and M.E. What a happy family! You're jealous, I know.

You're probably wondering now what Brenna would look like if she was a mother. Here's your answer.

Cafe Rio for Robert and Bethany's birthdays! The food is quite excellent! M.E.'s face is the best! Every baby cries the same!

VI. Roger B.'s Special Day.

Jess as The Cat Man Peter Criss of the rock band K I S S.

The birthday boy, Roger and his very awesome mural done by the artist J. Lang.

In typical Roger fashion this is what he did on his special day. Human Penis Coon. Worst animal ever!

Lauren as Al The Artist. Ready to paint you a caricature. Want that on a motorcycle?

Pee Pee Pee! Paint Pals Party! What a great surprise. Everyone had a great time.

Jess made that giant squid (?)/giant octopus(?) cake with guts inside of it! It was delicious!

Oh it turns out that it was also Lauren's birthday also and she jumped up and left her hand print.

Broskys Revolt one time reunion tour two thousand never!

VII. Jenn & Jenny Housewarming Party Spectacular.

Charades! It would have been better if it was scissoring. But I guess this will do.

We should be the spokespersons for Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They can pay us in delicious donuts. Imagine that, us 300 lbs.? Pig Champion.

Jenn fogging up Jenny M.'s room. To set the mood for scissoring. It didn't really work.

Drew and Kyle having boy talk. It isn't as good and epic as girl talk. I think they talked about each others dong. Boring!

VIII. Hanging out is what we do!

MarCro-Mag, Me/You/Youth Drew, Jean Shorts Warzone t-shirt Nat. RX Glasses Posse.

Kyle and Kristyn are thumbs all thumbs for their favorite group The Dollyrots.

Waiting for BuzzCocks to come on. Seeing the best Punk group with my closest friends. Resting my head on Brittany's breast.

Harley! She's so much healthier now and loved running around outside and chasing lizards!

Wednesday Day Off ritual bothering and pestering Jenny at her work. Shrimp & White Wine provided by Slayer.

Fullerton Spaghetti Factory! Hmmmm . . . Spagett! Whoops . . . Cigarette . . . Juice!

A special set by DJ Becky Blanx. Watch out for our new project. Anarkko Markko And Becky Blanx Uppin' The Punx.

Daniel protecting his pretty girlfriend Jen B. Machete & Guns. Sounds a lot like a Transplants song.

Third Street Broin'It Down with Blackie The Mosher in the Yankess Cap. Too many azns in this photo. Azn Invasion.

Ally playing with Trouser the Snake. I made sure to get that heart in the background since Ally <3 Trouser Snakes.

My Bed Friends! Trying to talk Jenny into scissoring with Jenn to "experiment" while we hide in her closet and watch.

Chanelle and X-tian had a Wine and Cheese get together. The cheese was scrumptious. The wine? Taste great once it hits your lips! I was tanked!

Fafi and a goth girl just hanging out. Things are getting really weird in the bat cave.

IX. Baby Brother Turns Twenty One.

Auntie Tina, Uncle Tony and Michelle about to wake Kyle up for his big day! Cake is the new Chee-tos!

Hanging out at Luke's Bar. Free boneless chicken wings? Count us in! Kyle drinking a refreshing lemonade. I was tanked that night also.

Kyle is a lucky boy! He had two birthday cakes! Thank you to friends and family that came out to celebrate!

The best family one can ask for. All ways there when needed. How did I get so lucky? I get jealous of me sometimes.

John A. gave Kyle a ring for his birthday. That's how much John cherishes Kyle. No homo.

Went to go see Danzig for birthday celebration. No big deal. Thanks to Jenny and Danny for the hook-up! Show was a blast!

X. Nephew Turns Three.

Pizza party! My two nephews, Evan and Nolan. They are both 3 years old.

It's the birthday boy! It must be great being a kid! Motherfucker pretending he is Spider Man! Amazing!

Nolan wasn't stoked about turning 3. He wanted to stay 2 forever. Not gonna happen!

He got Buzz Lightyear toy. He was stoked! I don't understand why give a kid money for his birthday? Give them toys! Weirdos!

Q : And Children? A: And Children.

O U T R O :

Dedicated to all my friends and family who care enough to make tomorrow a brighter day . . .
Let's make a change! I love all of you!

"Why did you touch my hand and softly say.
Stop asking questions that don't matter anyway.
Just give us a kiss to celebrate here today something changed."

Please leave a comment. Positive or negative. I spent a few days putting this together! Just for you!

Thank you once again!

x x o o.


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Immediate hits - we rule . . . [15 Jun 2010|10:00pm]

Live photos of bands courtesy of my iPhone 3G. iPhone 3G is soon going to be a thing of the past. Enjoy!

I. Knife Fight.


II. Ceremony.


III. Paint It Black.


IV. N A I L S.


V. BuzzCocks.


VI. Morrissey.


VII. The Sounds.


VIII. Sahara Hotnights.


A public service announcement. Please support bands you like by buying their music and or merchandise. Support! Support! Support!

Any photos can be used as long as I am credited.


- Marko.
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You Say You Don't Love Me . . . [31 May 2010|01:00am]
[ mood | Nostalgia ]

Intro :

It's been a while since I have done a massive update. Well, here it is again. I was going to take my live journal down because of some unfortunate circumstances. But I overpower / overcame that debacle. These are just photos that have been sitting in my computer that I want to share. You've wanted the best! You've got the best!

Touch It / Feel It :

I. Summer 2009.

I named these two "Protest And Survive" since they are owned by some Punx.

Broken Patterns goofing around outside of Burnt Ramen @ Richmond.

Don't you hate it when you bust your ass doing work and still people misspell your name?

Jillian made some cake and Kyle wanted some. Be careful what you ask for.

Bachelor / Bachelorette Dinner @ Ceasars Palace. Excuse me is this hotel pager friendly?

Valhalla Days at Solvang, Ca. Proof that white people are crazy!

Cross walk of Friends. Pre-Cone Head.

How much art can you take? There were some classic photos from this set.

II. Autumn 2009.

Renewal Of Passes. A day of fun at The Happiest Place On Earth!

Celebrating a birthday and finding hidden messages at Disneyland. Eerie.

La Cita Take Over. Storming Through With Two Birthday Celebrants. Activate the sky dive.

Keepin It Pos @ New Orleans Square. Me and my crew won't stand for it!

Burning Fight Book Release at Tradition in Westlake Village, Ca. "Gauge!"

Chelsea Rebelle SS x 10. Oh You Pretty Things. Those tits are all right. & I love boobies!

One. Two. Twins. I like twins. Hot date. Two Twins.

One Step Beyond!

Too Much Horror Business/Gettin'Tough Late At Night/Psycho 2k9/Our Parking Lot Is New For You.

What a wonderful wedding setting. Getting there late? Sorry B & M. Thanks for the food.

The Wedding Photo Booth got very wild. Wyld Homo that is!

I drew my name around the name of your titty. . . errr . . . I mean city. Titty City!

That Pippi Longstocking and her naughty monkey are all ways up to no good.

Only Real Dawgs Ride Independent Trucks!

III. Winter 2009 / 2010

Is this Danzig's Bi-cep? You know when he flexes during the She Rides video? So homo.

An appearance by Mr. Chapman. At home for leave. Thank him for defending our country!

My friends and I . . . Yeah, I know, I turned 30. Yikes!

Supertouch was wrong all along. The World isn't flat! California Coast behind us.

I just liked you more when you were hopelessly (piss) poor.

Incomplete cousin photo during X-Mas. Missing a few. Hopefully next year.

Chinese Laborers are the new Mexican Laborers. Mr. Wang getting the job done!

In The Studio with The Special (Sarah Brannon) A.K.A.

The Pride And The Glory Of The Philippines. The champ, Emmanuel Dapidran "Manny" Pacquiao!

IV. Spring 2010.

Chelsea Rebelle Fall 2010 Where you and he (EX) lovers?

My friends were bankrobbers. They never hurt nobody. They just love to live that way.

War Is Immature. All The Arms We Need. Young and old. DL Unity! (Taken from Lindsay.)

Annual Friendship Day & Night. First in friends. First in line for Iron Man Two.

Happy Mother (Of Mercy) Day. Everyone in our family misses Mama so much. God bless.

London May! Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Gay Luke must not be a fan! Samhain III rules!

Danny Breakin' The Law at his B-Day party while TT Boy head bangs and throws the horns!

Hannah is the Cross Beerer. Get it? You don't? You're drunk!

Original Coca-Cola and Crystal Clear Pepsi. Photobombing provided by Mickle and whatsherface?

John A. is The Grand Wizard with his grand wizard staff. Boy, was he wasted that night.

If I am so very good looking why do I sleep alone at night? Designated Drink Watcher.

James took my camera and took this. Beers & girls. Sean Shan is the best band right now.

Danger Friends U.S.A. about to depart and bomb The Infest Warehouse.

Third Wheeling / Street (Justice) Taco Eating with the newly engaged, E & L.

Homeless man or an artist? Take a wild guess! Neither! Just a beer drinker!

Kyle said this place is racist! America Town isn't racist! UCLA. Yankee. Cola. Gangster. Homie.

Exotic Dancers in the background. They can suck my Sex Dispenser. I mean get it away! Bad posture.

Tattoo Bryan and I. He's been nothing but the best! Need/Want a tattoo? He's the man!

The Final (?) Product! Dark Horse Tattoo Shop is now open for business!

Outro :

I would have put up more photos but I don't have a paid account and LJ cut can suck it! Let's play catch up. Okay, the company I worked for for 9 long years decided to let me go last October. The reasoning? I was getting "paid too much!" Ridiculous! I was unemployed for 6 Months. I picked up work here and there. Sold stuff on eBay. Lost a bunch of weight. Stopped working out. Moved back in with my Uncle and Aunt. They have nothing but been great and very helpful! I love them for that! So I was very depressed and just thinking thoughts about just ending it. Then I thought to myself once I am dead that's it. I am dead. Not coming back. I didn't want that. That's not the way. I am just glad that my friends that I made throughout the years have been around in my time of need. Hopefully I can return the favor someday. Things are better. I've got a new job that absolutely love going to. Work is hard but very satisfying. Working out every day. Better days are ahead! Thank you goes out to everyone that made me smile and laugh! You're the best!

Life is full of problems but that's o.k. / In times of trouble you'll find a way. - Marginal Man.

Please leave a comment. Positive or negative. I spent a few hours putting this together! Just for you!

Thank you once again!

xx oo.


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Life Tends To Come And Go . . . [23 May 2010|07:00pm]

All band photography by Me, Marko D.

I. Broken Patterns.


II. Clorox Girls.


III. Danger Friends U.S.A.


IV. Knife Fight.


V. Sahara Hotnights.


Photos can be used as long as I am credited.

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16 songs - 17 hits! [01 Jul 2009|12:00am]
[ mood | What A Good Place To Be. ]

Intro :

It's back! But not for good! What is the reason? I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day about my abilities of taking a good picture. Not great but good. I told her that I don't go out enough to have a quality entry. She told me "You're out right now! Go take a photo of a fucking building!" I was looking through my photos and decided that I have enough band photos to make a post. So here it is! Enjoy!

Body :

I. Jay Reatard.

II. Broken Patterns.

III. Rough Kids.

IV. Rancid.

V. Never Healed.

VI. The (International) Noise Conspiracy.


VIII. Legacy Of (Intro) Brutality.

IX. Amebix.

X. Annihilation Time.

XI. Zero Boys.

XII. Wet Reckless.

XIII. Broken Needle.

Outro :

Half of the year is gone. Maybe I'll update then. Thanks for checking this out! Comments are all ways welcome.

Take care, Marko.

PS. Celebrated Summer.

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1. State Violence / State Control [05 Apr 2009|11:30pm]

San Francisco (2009)

Kept in line with truncheons

Rifle butts and truncheons

This is state control, this is state control

State control, state control, this is state control

Beaten up behind closed doors

Cracked and bruised ribs, bloody mouth

Cracked and bruised skull, bloody mouth

State control, state control, this is state control

- D I S C H A R G E (1982)
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One Day Something Funny Happened . . . [28 Oct 2008|12:12am]
[ mood | Sob Story. ]

"Roses Are Red / Sometimes Violets Are Blue."

Well, here is the "last" entry. I was looking back at the entries I have made throughout the years and were reading them and looking at the pictures and having a laugh. Why am I giving this up you ask? I think it has run it's course. It is a lot of work coming up with material and all that caption. I mean most of them I just rip off anyway. Only the people that know me on a personal level would get "it." Which are only a handful. There is nothing to really get. What you see and what you read is basically how I am or was living. Like I said as long as people find my entries entertaining and make their day a little brighter I know deep down inside in my heart I made a difference. I will just say that this is in an indefinite hiatus. The King Of Kings is giving up his throne, for now.

Also a friend of mine yelled at me saying "Do you have to take a picture of everything ? ! ? !" So that statement right there kind of hurt. Words that kill. Basically I took that statement to heart and analyzed it. This is what I came up with, some people like to have their space and privacy and not be documented. That is the conclusion I came up with. There is a time and a place. Now I am very careful and make sure that it's all right with if I am taking a photo of a live being. Human or animal or plant life. Respect.

Thank You: (Looks Like The Beginning Of The End)

+ Friends.

+ Family.

+ Bands.

+ Bystanders.

+ Lovers.

+ Haters.

and most importantly

+ You!

Without any of you, the reader, the viewer, the participant etc. none of this would have been possible!

If you want to continue supporting me and to see what I have been doing and to check out my latest "masterpieces" please click on the link below :


If you have a blog please add me and I'll add you also.

I want to leave you with this picture of Ian Mackaye :

"So What Now? Do We Shake Hands & Go Our Separate Ways? Or Do I Open My Mind & Follow You Into The Haze?"

Two words : Thank You ! ! !

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Writer's Block: Pardon You, Mr. Nixon [08 Sep 2008|12:59am]
On September 8th, 1974, U.S. President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon. What limits should there be, if any, on pardoning power? What makes a pardon legitimate to you?

For How Long Do We Tolerate These Fools Drunk With Power?
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[01 Sep 2008|11:30pm]

" - And if Summer left you dry with nothing left to try - This time . . . . . . " - R . O . S.
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Unknown Pleasures. Closer. Still. [05 Aug 2008|12:30am]

If you are wondering where the update for the month of July is.

Wonder no more!

The photo above sums it up.

There is no update.

I apologize. Check back next month.

"You'll find yourself in the gutter, right back where you came from."
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Police Are Running Facing Defeat/Cities Burning In The Summer Heat. [28 Jun 2008|11:00pm]
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I N T R O :

Wow! Another month is over and the year is half way over. Where did it go? I have no clue. A lot happened in the month of June. There are plenty of pictures for you to look at. Caption is gonna be hella weak. Why? I just don't feel like coming up with witty descriptions. Oh well. Enjoy!

P I C T U R E S & C A P T I O N S :

+ S H O W S.


The Detroit Cobras! They are amazing live! I like their "stuff" a lot! I bet they love Negative Approach like I do. Midwest Rules!


Betrayed! Making their comeback at The Che Cafe. You know what is weird I could have sworn their first show was at the Knitting Factory. Am I right?


(The) Rough Kids! They finally have some tracks up on their em-space. Hey! What happened to the other bass player? Happy Birthday to Ethan!


The Estranged! You know how "gothic" music had no kick until S A M H A I N came along? That is what I describe this band, Joy Division with a lot of kick!


The Red Dons! They were amazing. Some of the songs are Regulation sounding. Very energetic! The guitarist/singer liked going into the crowd.


Ticket To Ride! They are a Beatles cover band. This was a nice treat. The best part about this? It is free! Go parks!

+ H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y S & C E L E B R A T I O N S.

I. Max's Birthday.

I have no clue how old Max is. All I know is that he is a nice human being. Drew on the other hand? Wine Time!

Nat got a new job @ a video game company. Just like that movie "Grandma's Boy." Amazing. Oh that's Sandra. She's pretty cool.

I do not drink but I do endorse "Drew Juice!" Why? The Lightning Bolt logo is a nice touch! Delicious? How should I know?

Jeff wearing the coolest band merch there is! A Beach Boys Wayfarer! I wish I own this!

Straight and (Gay) Drunks! They aren't really gay. I just felt like typing that. Legalize gay marriage! It's butt fucking time!

Let Love In? I have no clue what that means. I think it means wiener in the behind. Yes!

It's the birthday boy, Max! Socializing and what not. Drinking a Coke because he is cool like that.

Can someone please photoshop the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand in place of Jenn's hand? Right on!

Hey it's Des! Guess what? Where is my picture? I still don't have it! There is nothing to it! Get to it!

To end the night I decided to sit on Chrissie. The bar was full and there was no where to sit. I am comfy. Chrissie? No so much.

II. Jeff's Birthday.

Kyle and Jeff at La Monica's Pizza at Westwood. We kept the party small that we don't have to deal with a lot of people.

Bryan and I. I haven't seen him in such a long time. But he is one of my best friends. So it was cool that he came out and hung out. He rules.

Dee Dee Reese Ice Cream! We love this place. Cheap and delicious. They now have snow cones! Who doesn't love snow cones? Jerks? Yeah.

I have never seen Jon drink before. So this was a treat! More apple! Hold the tini please!

III. Kyle's Birthday.

A & W Seafood Restaurant is very good! You know what is even better? When it is paid for! Our parents rule!

Pat came back from Iraq. He was telling us a gnarly story of what he saw first hand. Not a pretty sight.

Brittany is eyeing something. I have no clue what. But I know it's something good. Like fried tofu. That Jon. Weirdo!

Madison came back from Australia. She saw Kangaroos! That is so awesome. She is so awesome. Except when we went to Pho and the beef sucked!

Whoa! My eyes were bugging out! Is that Adrienne? Yeah! She came to hang out and brought Jeremy along. He's such a cutie. I think I have gone gay. Damn!

IV. Bianca and Christopher's Graduation Get Together.

My nephew Evan. I think he was waiting for some chicken wings or something. Chicken Wings! Spicy!

Auntie Tina & Uncle Tony & my nephew Nolan. He is turning one year old this July. Swimming party!

Christopher is going to Northridge this fall. Best of luck to him. I wonder if he listens to Ska? I have no idea.

The boys. Is anyone missing? I don't think so. Yeah, there are more girl than boy grandchildren. Really?

I have no idea what Bianca is up to next year. But I know she wants a new camera and a Disneyland Season Pass.

+ O D D S & S O D S.


Royal Rumble disc jockeying without turntables! Nic Vic making funny faces when I was taking pictures. Dick!

That is our cousin, Nick. He plays hockey in Alaska. He is home for the off season. He likes to ride his bike.

Oh man! This is the best picture I have ever seen. Richard Pryor being saved by butthole Christopher Reeves!

My Uncle was very upset that I ate these because they are for my Auntie. Whoops. But they were tasty!

I think Ally B. is now a lesbian. Checking out Lexi's sugar tits. Come down, lesbo!

For some reason Kyle loved Rolo this month. Rolo Tony Brown Town! Orange Back With A Bang on tap!

Ally C. also came out of the shadows to hang out. We were discussing the Metro Red Line and the movie Volcano. Oh the 90's.

Oh my God! This is such a gem! Look at the name! Ha ha. But Jenny and I didn't eat there. Why? It rocked too much!

So where can I purchase a time machine? Are you seeing what I am seeing? This is an amazing bill! Damn life!

"Hey! I don't have to work tomorrow! I am getting drunk!" - Lauren. Here is the result . . .

All Hail The Beer Dawn! Lauren is the queen of beers. Complete party mode!

You know what comes to mind about this? TWINS with Arnold and Danny! I love that movie!

Jenny and I checked out her roof top view. That is the 101 Freeway and parts of Los Angeles in the background.

You can kind of see the skyline of Los Angeles. It was hazy. The best/worst part? We got stuck on her roof! It sucked!

Emma is going back to her homeland of Sweden. That is where ABBA is from.

+ A M U S E M E N T P A R K U . S . A .

I. Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Anyone remember when this was the "ride of rides?" They even featured it on Encino Man! They are runnin The Vapor backwards!

X Version Two kinda X Version Suck! Except that they play "Enter Sandman" in the beginning of the ride!

Deja Vu! I was so scared when I first rode this back in October. But not anymore. I like how it goes backwards.

This is probably my favorite ride in Magic Mountain. These trams are made in Austria where our governor is from. You know The Governator?

II. Disneyland.

After procrastinating and deliberating for months John and I finally made it to Disneyland together!

How underrated is this ride? There is never any line for this! I wonder why? This ride clearly rules!

Pluto was hyping up the crowd. His M O S H moves were very crucial. Kevin Seconds said "Nah man. The M O S H is good!"

My buddy John all ways representing The Straight Edge! Good man!

Matt tried to jump in front of my pictures as often as he can. Like this for example.

Chilling out and staying out of the heat down at Main Street U.S.A. It was very hot that day.

The Crew being silly on our way out to go to California Adventure. California Uber Alles!

I am not very sure what this rock formation is. Is it a bear? Is it a wolf? Only Jesus would know.

How excited does Dan look about eating some ice cream? Swirly Ice Cream that is. Yum!

The Fun Time Crew! Back to Disneyland for another ride. Group picture!

Space Mountain! Matt and I locked arms because we are homo stupids like that.

+ S A N F R A N C I S C O


On our way to board our jet. Madison is clearly excited about this trip. What is weird is that this is free and no one wanted to go.

Be very quiet. Kyle is sleeping. What was Madison reading? I know she brought a book of some sort.

Kyle was depositing a paycheck and were standing outside and I took a picture of this. Where is D.J. Tanner?

Stee had the day off from her flight attendant job so she decided to hang out with us.

This is the building where that "Port Of San Francisco" light is at. It's nice inside.

These trams or rail cars were pretty sweet. I want to ride one when I come back.

The infamous Cardiel Rail in Union Square. You should have seen how long this golden rail is! Massive!

Stee checking out my behind while trying on pants at the Ben Sherman store. Busted!

Kyle and Madison and Fisherman's Wharf and water and tug boat and Alcatraz.

Sea Lions! Seals? They smelled and made a lot of noise. And jumped a lot. Except for these ones. They were lazy.

I shouldn't joke about this but I think I am going to be a diabetic when I get old. Too late. I am old.

We are on our way to Alcatraz! I like the ferry that brings you there. It is very roomy and has nachos!

About to dock The Rock. I should have said about to rock The Rock like C.C.R. back in the day they did.

I was caught in action taking pictures of them and this is the result a few seconds later . . .

See! My camera cannot zoom because it is a piece of junk! Yeah-hey for eBay!

It is quite a hike to get to the main part of the tour. But it was well worth it. Exercise!

We finally made it. I am in one piece and I gave myself two thumbs up to show that I am okay and good looking.

Inside Alcatraz. I am sure that Madison knows when I am taking pictures. She's looking right at me.

This is were the prisoners worked out their guns. Guns meaning muscles. Sweet pecs! Killer bi-ceps!

Seriously how good or great is or was "Three Hits From Hell?" If you don't know you can go to Hell!

There was a prison riot and they dropped grenades inside this room. Ouch.

And you know it! I wish I had one of these personally. Kind of like the Old Givens household. Endless drinks!

The City and I. Alcatraz had a nice view of the whole city. This photo is weird. It has static of some sort.

Going back into the main part of the tour. This was overhead. American (Bad Ass Iron) Bald Eagle!

I am pretending I am learning something new and we all know I have A.D.H.D. No kidding!

If you don't get this picture you probably don't know me and what I like and that we are not friends. Sorry. No I am not!

A typewriter? Are you kidding me? No laptop. No computer. No microchips. The technology have advanced a lot!

I paid twenty five dollars for the tour and all I got was this lousy postcard which cost me money also. Rad.

Back on land and eating bagels. Stee left us to go on a date. Woo-ooo-ooo! How cute.

This was inside S.F.O. I wonder if these can really fly? Aviation, what a strange idea.

Killing time and drinking coffee waiting for our flight to board. We had a long day. Day Trips rule!

All things must come to an end and we are back in Burbank. When is the next trip?

O U T R O :

So far I am loving Summer. Especially when you spend it with people you cherish. I still have not met The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill.

I hope you enjoyed this entry. I sure had fun just putting it together.

Leave a comment or two. I love responding to them.

Thank you!

Oh! By the way how is your Summer so going?



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May Day! May Day! May Day! [26 May 2008|04:00pm]
[ mood | Over & Dead ]

Intro :

Hi! It feels like this has been the longest month. I did a lot of random activities. A lot of hanging out. That's for sure. I thought I hit my boiling point dealing with people day in and day out. Once again I enjoy being around friends. Save the sob story and on with the photos and captions! Yay!

Body :

+ Records!


Gorilla Angreb! This band rules! They are from Denmark. If you like early X, you'll love Gorilla Angreb.


Regulations! No big whoop. You all ready know this band rips! If you don't, please die!


The Vicious! I finally completed my collection. Damn 7 Inch cost me 40 bucks for two songs!

+ It's Only Rock N Roll!


Ex-Some Dudes now called Rough Kids. Intro to Where's It Gonna End by 'Driver is sick!


Fail! You know what I thought? Knife Fight Junior! Make sure to check this band out.


Atoms out of San Diego. What do they sound like? Dance Punk? I don't know? Not Gang Of Four.


Damage Inc. A Metallica cover band! Head Banging/Thrashing like a maniac!

+ Go get drunk! It's Party Time!


Lindsay graduated from college and treated everyone to pizza and drinks and salads. Speech! Speech!


Jess is my Friday Night Party Pal. Sharing a soda with an invisible boy here I think? Yeah.


Boner turned twenty five and he had a dance party and a photobooth which was pretty cool.


Charisa covering Ally B.'s pretty face. What a jerk!


Cornertown for Roger and Brittany that they can talk a bunch of shit. Tall people stick together!


Kate says "You'll never get a normal face out of me! But here have a drink!" Asians stick together Like rice paste.


Kate disc jockeying her own party. Someone isn't pointing the camera the right way. "Police On My Back!"


The dance floor was pretty packed that night. I sweated (word?) 10 pounds out! We danced till 3 A.M.


Oi! Oi! Oi! It's English Luke. He is here for three months! No work! No money! I think he is on the dole?


Party Posse! The nice girl to your left I am sorry I am a jerk and forgot your name!


English Thomas doesn't party and hates having his photo taken.

+ Amusement Park U.S.A.


For The Kingdom Of DisneyLand Must Be Taken By Storm! Arise!


"Hey! That reminds me of my homeland!" I am going to make this a postcard of some sort.


You know what I despise? That song on Rock Band "Mississippi Queen." That song is horrendous!


Main Street Cotton Candy Mustache. Is there really a difference in taste between the pink and blue?


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! I love this ride! The dark tunnel at the beginning is the best!


When you look at this statue straight ahead the eyes aren't even with each other. Creep.


Kiana yelling and jumping on the way to California Adventure. "California ! ! !" - The Wizard.


Hold on! Someone was a big baby about this ride. Yes, this is my favorite ride of all the rides.


Dale is a big sex pervert and was trying to abduct Kiana by walking backwards with her.


Fast Pass To Space Mountain. We rode this the first then we rode it again because it is oh so much fun.


How Kiana spent her day at the park. Eating snacks and drinking apple juice out of a box.


Surprise Sex Boo-Yah straight out of the screen Space Mountain Two Thousand Eight.


How strange (house) that the number Thirteen ended up with this photo. "Horror Business! One! Two!" Vincent Price speaks!


Good-bye Disneyland. There were no fireworks that evening and they closed very early. Until next time.

+ Matchington D.C.


Pendleton / Flannel Crew. Jenny is now a Riot Girl. If you wanna contribute to her zine, inquire within.


To celebrate Weezer's upcoming album release the spectacles came out.


Stripes! Even though Ms. Novak likes the Beatles over The Beach Boys I had to stab her.


More Stripes! Tall people need to wear them to make them look shorter. Why do that?


Pendleton / Flannel Crew Two. What's good? Pastrami Sandwiches and chili cheese fries.


Even more stripes! I had to stop these two dead in their tracks to take a picture. Creep-oh!

+ Return The Gift Of Bowling.


Madison very excited to have bowling back with a bang!


Kyle has now a weird looking throw. The ball curves when it's not suppose to. I found it odd.


Styles for miles. It's funny that they make bowling shoes look really really ugly. Function over style.

+ Beware And The Rest.


I saw a basketball game at Cal Lut. I love basketball. I should play with the others sometime. Nah.


You know what I don't like very much? This guy. Look at his hair! I am sorry sir. But give it up!


Photo of the year right here! Beer? Check! Watermelon? Check! Party time? Hell yeah! J.C. as Mr. Good Times.


Anyone see Iron Man? If you haven't get your ass in the theaters! I thought this was gonna suck.


Nic Vic throwing down some board slides for a game of S K A T E.


Christian providing the beats during the heated game of S K A T E.


Roger as the elusive fifth Beatle. I know that they exist in one way or another.


I had no clue that this was a museum. It's an old fire station. And behind it is a Chinese Museum.


Jeff and I are nearing our ten year anniversary of being great friends! I couldn't ask for a better person. Oh yeah we grew hair.


Madison is not a big fan of seafood. Kyle on the other hand? He is a beast at all you can eat sushi!


Even though I am wearing a vintage Fred Perry polo doesn't mean I don't get presents from Ben Sherman. Best hook-up ever!


Jenny got s sweet make-over. Look at that awesome Tap Out wrist band! That's hard!


Madison and Kyle imitating Jeff. "She has huge bewbs!" Jeff's reply "Hey! I don't say it like that!"

+ Random.


Oh yes. I now cater to the ladies also. I have four designs available. Just give me a blank shirt.


It's either I am ahead of the game or behind the game. Still Out Of Step With The World! Thanks Tattoo Bryan!


The most random award goes to seeing my mother! I haven't seen her for 15 years! A little awkward but it was nice seeing her.

Outro :

What else is new? Saw Emma for an hour. That was cool. Gave a bunch of shirts away to Martine and hooked her up with some new tunes on her iPod. Basically packed random things into envelopes and sent it to friends. Just like Cappo said "Try to give and feel good about the way you live!" I also got a new camera and named it "Darth Vader." I cut my hair. I couldn't stand it anymore with the heat wave we have had. I don't work that much anymore. I renew my Disneyland annual pass. Oh and one more thing, thanks to eBay for making / ruining my life!

Thank you to everyone that participated.

Make sure to leave a comment. I like responding to them.

Thank you for your precious time!


- Marko D.

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